Yoga is an ancient practice of unifying the mind, body, and spirit to find deep inner peace.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Stress Relief

Better Breathing

Strength & Flexibility

Proper Posture & Body Awareness 

Healthy Circulation & Reduced Swelling

Relaxation (for mother & baby)

Reduced Common Pregnancy Discomforts

Increased Energy

 Balanced Pregnancy Emotions 

Present Moment Focus

Inner Peace

Preparation for Delivery Experience

Prenatal Yoga is a tool for embracing
Pregnancy, Labor, and Postpartum.

It is different from other styles as it focuses on
slow transitions between postures,
restorative options,
and the use of props to support
conditions and concerns that are specific to pregnancy.

These courses weaves the philosophy of

Seven Chakras

(energy centers associated with hormone producing glands)

& The Eight Limbs of Yoga

(Path to Enlightenment)



(breath with movement repetitions),


(vocal toning and affirmations),


(intention setting hand gestures),

Guided Meditations

(ways to clear the mind),

Breathing Techniques

(calm the body),

and Physical Postures

(stretch, strengthen, cleanse, and balance).

Each of the seven one-hour yoga practice videos is themed around one specific chakra and one (or two) limbs of yoga and includes all of the elements listed above.

About the Instructor

Hannah Faulkner Roman has been teaching yoga since 2014.

As a spiritual seeker, yogi, artist, musician, writer, traveler, and teacher, she has climbed some of the highest mountains, trekked for weeks along pilgrimage trails, practiced yoga with masters in India and Bali, taught at International Yoga Conventions, and led multiple yoga and spiritual retreats in Southern California. 

Her unique style of weaving philosophical and cultural themes into her sequences keep theme fresh and fun.

She completed her 100-Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training during her second pregnancy before she created this course.

She has additional certifications with Kids Yoga, Reiki, and Yoga Alliance (200-Hour YRT, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Philosophy). 

Reflecting on her life’s adventures and lessons, she discusses them through nearly one hundred blog posts on her website, Half Moon Yoga and Art, which has received many awards for being one of the top yoga blogs on the world-wide web.